Topic outline


    Here you will find a range of resources and ideas to support the development of employability skills with your learners. This includes a comprehensive set of resources to support the Certificate of Work Readiness programme, with tutor resources, learner materials and session ideas covering every aspect.

    You will also find a range of materials and resources you can use to deliver employability skills in any curriculum area, with a range of interactive materials to download and ideas to engage your learners.

    There is a section specifically design to support working with learners on SCQF level 1 and level 2 courses. These are designed to be very accessible and are written at the appropriate level to engage the learner working at level 1 /2 and can be used with other groups of learners, where accessibility is a key requirement.

    • Certificate of work readiness materials

    • 'The Job - Online Support Pack' has been designed to compliment your existing teaching of Essential Skills within your curriculum.

    • The Work Readiness Activities Pack! W.R.A.P has been designed to complement your existing teaching materials in relation to The Certificate of Work Readiness. The activities within the pack are designed in an interactive and fun way to engage with young people and enhance their learning experience.

    • Employability SCQF level 1 and level 2 materials

    • The aim of these activities is to improve understanding of

      • what it is like to work in a particular job area
      • the skills you need to be a good employee
      • the personal skills you need to work on to make progress.
    • These resources for lecturers relate to the twelve vocational areas covered under the SQA National 2 Employment Skills units.

    • The aim of this unit is to develop the skills required to identify and apply for employment opportunities. To complete it learners must carry out both written and practical tasks:

    • Resources to support unit Preparing for Employment (Unit Code: H8L7 72)