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    Unit 1: Introduction

    This course introduces you to a career in Social Care, where opportunities are many and  varied. The course has been designed for those who enjoy working with people, are compassionate, have a sense of fun and are seeking a new rewarding  career helping others live their lives to the full. You'll be able to work through the learning material at your own pace.  A tutor will be available to provide support, encouragement, and to monitor progress. At the end of the course, you'll have a  final meeting with your tutor to check your understanding of the topics covered, and to consider your next steps. 

    • Modules: 1-3

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    • Two men embracing.The Scottish government describes Social Care as encompassing all forms of personal and practical support for adult individuals who require additional support. Social care aims to support people to: live independently; be active citizens; participate and contribute to our society; maintain their dignity and human rights; and to support people to stay at home or in a homely setting, with maximum independence, for as long as possible.

    • One man assisting another with a prosthetic arm.Working in adult social care is a way to make a real difference to the lives of individuals from a range of different backgrounds who need support. It’s a hugely rewarding job that offers real career progression if you want it. If you’re someone who’s kind and patient, and treats others with dignity and respect then adult social care could be the perfect career choice for you.

    • Lady writing postive terms on oversized post-it notes,As a care worker in adult services it could be argued that the rewards are intrinsic. This means that the rewards are personal to you and come from within. Awards relating to monetary value are referred to as extrinsic. In the care sector a genuine interest in care work and in supporting people aligns itself to rewards that are intrinsic. A care workers salary is on average between £8 to £20 per hour depending on the services you are employed within and the level of responsibilities you are given.