• Overview

    This is about managing remotely in a way that you can harness the value of remote work and reduce the costs of virtual distance. How you can manage effectively when you don’t meet your people and no longer work together in the same way. How you can feel confident that your colleagues are on top of their work and avoid the trap of micromanagement.

    This module explores how you can manage your team remotely and keep everyone engaged and clear on expectations, including the often overlooked aspects of how you enhance the ‘human’ elements when we interact via technology. How you can support your team members, feel less challenged about working remotely and minimise the known costs of working remotely so that the opportunities and benefits of remote work can win through.

    The aims of this module are to help you:

    • overcome challenges of managing remotely, including costs due to physical, operational and affinity distances;
    • gain clarity on role/goal/task and how we are working;
    • building trust and connections.

    Downloadable Resources 

    The following downloads accompany this section of the module.

    Introduction to Module

    This first video is an introduction to the structure of the module. 

    Download Introduction to Module transcript


    In this video, we're briefly going to look at the aims of the whole module.


    Download Aims transcript