• Overview

    This module is about leading remotely, particularly in a crisis, in a way where you can engage everyone around a common purpose with positivity, solutions focus and systemic perspective. The concepts apply whether you are based in the office and some or all of your team are dispersed either working from home or satellite offices, and also if you are remote yourself.  

    How can you lead your team and the organisation as a whole to help them thrive and feel a valued part of the team despite being dispersed?How do you bring them together to focus on a shared goal with the motivation, trust and belief that you will get there. What do you need to consider for communications and how you create and maintain a positive culture across the organisation when staff are not coming into the workplace and are dispersed so widely?   

    The aims of this module are to help you:

    • inspire hope, confidence and direction;
    • leading through uncertainty and in complex systems;
    • building TRUST and connection: the essential component for successful remote working.

    Downloadable Resources 

    The following downloads accompany this section of the module.

    Introduction to Module

    This first video is an introduction to the structure of the module. 

    Download Introduction to Module transcript


    In this video, we're briefly going to look at the aims of the whole module.

    Download Aims transcript